Vision and mission

ThalesNano Energy Zrt is a company created by chemists, engineers and business developers with decades of experience in the electrochemical, catalysis, fine chemical and manufacturing industries. We focus on developing ground-breaking chemistry technologies that improve safety in the laboratory and expand the capabilities of chemists beyond what they could perform before.

We have already taken the first steps down this road with our patented high-pressure hydrogen generator, the H-GenieĀ®, which won the prestigious R&D Top 100 award in 2019 as well as the 2019 Hungarian National Environmental Innovation Award. Our product contributes to solving 3 major issues in the chemical industry: Generation of chemical waste, expanding chemistry capabilities, the safety issues associated with using pressurized gas cylinders. The H-GenieĀ® is now already utilized routinely in many laboratories on 4 continents, throughout the pharma, agrochemical, flavour & fragrance and academic markets.

Our ongoing developments and future roadmap include oxygen and ozone generators, high output hydrogen generators. We also focus on extending our electrolyser technology to CO2 conversion, thereby helping to solve one of the greatest challenges facing humanity: rising waste carbon dioxide levels.